Bella - Chunky Combat Boot

Chunky boot Combat boot Vegan combat boot

Vegan Chunky Combat Boot Izzabel

How to style a chunky combat boot?

Look 1

Wear the combat boot alternately with an elegant short dress for a fashionable look or with a slim fit denim for a casual look. Complete your denim look with a tartan shirt - open sleeves rolled up over a t shirt for a cool casual look. Close your look off with a loose (denim) jacket.

Look 2

Wear the combat boot with an A line skirt for a tough yet girly look. Wear the skirt with a loose pullover for a cool casual look. Close your look with an elegant cropped jacket over the pullover for a super nice harmonious look. The cool ankle boot completes the outfit.


The combat boot will give you lots of joy during countless combination possibilities. Its easy color combination lends itself as a closure for a variety of outfits from daily as well as classic looks.

Strong statement. 'Bella' chunky boot is the coolest statement boot with a tough twist. Heels measure at 3.1 inches. We guarantee you a shower of compliments with Bella. This boot is made from animal free materials. Experience the comfort and creativity in Bella. 

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