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How to wear an over the knee boot?

How to wear an over the knee boot?

Faux Suede Over The Knee Boot

Look 1

Wear the over the knee boot alternately with an elegant black dress for a fashionable look or over a slim fit denim for a casual look. Complete your denim look with a loose pullover or a shirt. Close your look off with a loose denim or a - faux leather jacket.

Look 2

Wear the over the knee boot with an A line skirt for a nice neat look. Wear the skirt with a comfortabel pullover or elegant blouse for a cool casual look. Close your look with a cropped jacket over the pullover for a super nice harmonious look. The cool yet elegant boot completes the outfit.


The over the knee boot will give you lots of joy during countless combination possibilities. Its easy color combination lends itself as a closure for a variety of outfits from daily as well as classic looks.

Soft construction, a drawstring topline for adjustable sizing create a sexy and sleek boot for an over-the-knee look that amps up your style. Get a simple yet very stylish look in these flat over the knee boots. They feature an over the knee design with a trendy tie back detail and smooth faux suede.

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