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Mediterranean Coast - Turquoise Short Sleeves Women's T-shirt

Mediterranean Coast - Turquoise Short Sleeves Women's T-shirt


That's the thing with Mediterranean's
we fall asleep in our grandmother's lap at all ages
we wake up asking what's cooking at all times
we believe that eating desserts together invites sweet conversations
we believe that our fortune lies at the bottom of a coffee cup and an auntie's imagination
we welcome our houseguests with cologne in their palms
we want them to enter our home in peace and calm
we dance and scrub the world's weight off in bathhouse
we shave and frame our strength in smokey barbers
we hold poetry battles over mezze on Summer nights
we meet our lovers in tea gardens on Winter days
we always offer the elder coffee and a resting spot as we believe that they carry the knowledge of the universe
that's the thing with Mediterraneans, we resonate with values ​​close to our heart
D. Karatas

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