Healing Properties of Amazonite

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Wise Communication

Have good boundaries and healthy relationships.

Cultivate balance and let go of trauma.

Be smart, intuitive, compassionate, and loving.

Know who you are and stand in your power.

Let Amazonite inspire you to speak with a brave heart!

Spiritual: Amazonite is a stone of courage and reveals the lie inherent in “victim mentality”. It teaches us that we are the master of our own fate and that we have the power to do great things.  It helps us to heal from the hurt of the past and to use the past as fuel to move us forward into a healthier future. Amazonite reminds us of who we truly are and helps us to move beyond our fear of judgment or failure.  It brings us into correct alignment and balances with all that is real and good.  Amazonite strengthens the aura and protects us from EMF radiation, particularly cellphones and televisions.  It is attuned to the Heart and Throat Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Virgo. It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the number 5.

Emotional: Amazonite is a calming stone that helps to balance out mood extremes. It encourages us to trust that “all will be well” and helps guide us along the path to inner and outer harmony. Amazonite enhances all communications concerning love and male/female energies. It is particularly good for helping us to create and maintain healthy boundaries.

Mental: Amazonite encourages problem-solving by uniting logic and intuition. It soothes mental irritations and helps speed up the process of intellectually working through emotional issues. Amazonite empowers us to consciously manifest our dreams and desires and will magnify intentions that are spoken aloud.  

Physical: Amazonite is recommended for anyone feeling physically tense and emotionally overwhelmed.  It has a calm and empowering energy that can help us to relax and is especially effective during intense or traumatic situations.  Amazonite is a powerful talisman for women enduring the agony of childbirth.  It helps women step into their Mother Goddess and Warrior Women power, to survive the pain and bring forth new life.  Amazonite is also a comforting talisman when grief threatens to completely overwhelm us and we feel our own body shutting down in exhaustion and aching.  In these moments, Amazonite can help us to breathe through the pain and to focus on taking care of our immediate physical needs, moment by moment, day after day, enduring the unendurable until gradually we emotionally find our way back to peace.  Amazonite is also recommended as a talisman for thyroid conditions and problems with the adrenal glands, especially if the issues are caused by excessive stress.

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