Healing Properties of Aventurine

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Joyful Wisdom 

Be a problem-solver and step into your power.

Feel protected, balanced and compassionate.

Handle difficulties with grace and intelligence.

Relax more and give yourself time to grow.

Let White Aventurine inspire a pioneering spirit!

Spiritual: White Aventurine shows us how to see ourselves and all of humanity as we truly are – mistakes, warts and all – and love anyway.  It brings clarity to mystical visions and strengthens our resolve to pursue a spiritual path.  White Aventurine encourages big thoughts, big dreams and big action.  It has an exceptionally positive vibration which makes it easier to step into our personal power and make our dreams come true.  White Aventurine encourages us to be the best version of ourselves, staying young at heart while growing wise in judgement.  White Aventurine is highly recommended for empaths who need energetic protection and balance.  It helps us from being overwhelmed by other people’s energies and also gives us clarity to discern between our own energy and other people’s.  White Aventurine encourages us to be compassionate and understanding of others, while also having sensible boundaries and taking good care of ourselves.  White Aventurine is attuned to the Heart and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries and Aquarius. It is connected to the elements of Earth and Fire and vibrates to the numbers 3 and 8.

Emotional: White Aventurine has a wise and joyful energy that helps us to patiently navigate the ups and downs of life.  When things are going well, it helps us to truly relax and enjoy it.  When things aren’t going well or when we notice a negative quality in ourselves, White Aventurine helps us to own it and swiftly make the right changes.  It encourages productive self-reflection, compassion and growth.  White Aventurine reduces the urge to throw a tantrum or behave childishly when faced with problems.   In particular, it reduces the knee-jerk response to blame others and reject any responsibility for negative situations.  White Aventurine help us to break old emotional habits that no longer serve us and replace them with healthier habits that support a happy life.  White Aventurine diminishes the power of emotional triggers, particularly if someone is deliberately pressing our buttons in order to get a rise out of us.  White Aventurine is a phenomenal stone to keep nearby when dealing with siblings, during a break-up, or at any time when we may feel more emotionally vulnerable.  When we need help loving someone who is acting in an unlovable way, White Aventurine gives us patience and encourages us to have a sense of humor.

Mental: White Aventurine encourages leadership and decisiveness.  It has pioneering energy that encourages us to seek new horizons and challenge the status quo.  It asks us to trust our instincts when we have experience and knowledge about a situation.  It invites us to be more curious and open-minded when faced with something new.  White Aventurine encourages problem-solving rather than problem-blaming.  It helps us to see the big picture, while also identifying the most important details that require special attention.  White Aventurine reduces information overload and helps us be patient during learning curves.  It is especially useful when exploring the links between diverse or contrary disciplines, such as science and art or politics and faith.  White Aventurine encourages tolerance and intelligence.

Physical: White Aventurine is recommended for reducing psychological stress and encouraging relaxation techniques.  It helps us to settle into a useful mindset during meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other spiritual or therapeutic practices.  It helps us to pay attention to our breath and to relax our muscles and move with deliberation.  When our brain is distracted or we feel hyperactive, White Aventurine helps us to be patient and understanding with ourselves and to not take ourselves too seriously.  White Aventurine invites us to simply shift back into the present moment without stressing over the past or the future.  If our sleep is troubled, whether, by insomnia, excessive sleeping, or bad dreams, White Aventurine has a soothing presence.  It helps us to take sensible action to help our mind know when it’s time to relax and when to wake back up.  If problems persist long-term, White Aventurine helps us to be patient and committed to problem-solving.

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