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Burning Sage

Burning sage or "smudging" is a sacred spiritual and medicinal practice in many traditional cultures. Research suggests it may improve mood and decrease stress.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fat, which fights inflammation and may protect against coronary heart disease.

Signs of Iron Deficiency

Fatigue Weakness Insomnia Shortness of breath Intolerance to cold Headache / migraines Gas and Bloating

Marine Algae

Marine algae is a potent source of nutrients. Certain varieties contain up to 100 times more minerals and vitamines per unit of dry mass than terrestrial plants and animal products.

The connection between waking and sleeping

The connection between waking and sleeping

The Throat and Dreaming . Taoists have a practices for dreaming and working with the subconscious mind while we are asleep. Taoists regard the time that we are asleep as...



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