About Us

Following her routine she softly winds her way under the dappled light and soft colours of her beloved dressoir and settles down on the side of her bed. Here she can breathe, can set her scented thoughts free, to explore. Worlds, words, ideas…soar…come alive in the pages of her book. The day slows to here, now. To this. A gentle breeze caresses the meadows. She sighs, bliss.

Welcome to our world, where every product is animal free and handpicked with your well being and comfort in mind!

The company was founded by Demet Karatas, a fashion designer, who herself is a dedicated vegetarian since 1985. Her attention to cruelty free living and a vegan lifestyle entirely soared in the last couple of years. Still enjoying glamour and comfort she wanted to create a platform where her customers can treat themselves guilt free.