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6 Reasons why you SHOULDN'T waste money on EXPENSIVE SHOES

  1. RAPID WEAR & TEAR Naturally shoes suffer the most damage as they face the most hardship. Walking away 400$ in a couple of weeks sounds painful indeed. 2. EVERY OUTFIT NEEDS A FITTING SHOE Why spend a fortune on shoes which you can only pair with certain outfits? 3. SOMEONE LOST THEIR LIFE FOR THOSE EXPENSIVE SHOES Good morals make beautiful. Expensive shoes are usually made from leather, which means an innocent animal suffered in the process of creating the shoe. 4. YOU REALLY CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN EXPENSIVE AND A CHEAP SHOE Let’s face it, there is no way to tell the difference between a cheap shoe or an expensive shoe these days. 5. WHY OWN...

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Gaelle - The Bohemian Multicolor Sandal

🌸 Are you a person who wants style without sacrificing comfort? These beautiful colorful sandals, with rows of woven straps, pon pons and pendant will keep you looking glamorous and comfortable the whole day. Whether it is for the beach, casually, or to dance the night away, these bohemian 'Gaelle' sandals will keep you fashionably comfortable. Shop Here 

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