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7 Days Easy Vegan Recipes - Part 1

7 Days Easy Vegan Recipes - Part 1


This recipe bundle is filled with simple and tasty Vegan recipes. It has a wide variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas for 7 days.

The recipes include:

- 21 new, easy and delicious recipes!
- 3 Bonus recipes
- 7 Health Tips

These recipes are suitable for a beginner, intermediate as well as a veteran Vegan eater!
As a bonus you will receive:

- Desserts Recipes
- Snacks Recipes
- Essentials Shopping Lists
- Healthy Tips

Note: This is a file that you will download immediately upon making payment. This digital recipe can then be opened, viewed, printed, and/or saved on your computer.

Download Here For Only 2.90$

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