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Nourish gently, lead quietly

the wise person does not haveto be right or win an argumentthe virtuous man is not interestedin finding faultwhen you know everythingthere is nothing left to learnwhen you have more than you needits presence weighs you downtherefore, the sage does not hoardhe gives freely and always has plentythe Tao nourishes gently andthe master leads quietlyflow like waterreflect like a mirrorrespond like an echothe ripples in the pondarise and fall exactly in accordto the stimuli receivedFrom The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching 

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Eight Branches of the Daoist Study

Daoist tradition often described itself as having Eight Classic Branches emanating from the ninth, the axial trunk of the Dao. Different writers describe these eight branches differently. Here is one version:1. Neigong, Internal alchemy. The stillness of the mind that bursts into the movement of life through finding the center point between polarities.2. Qigong, which also includes taiji chuan, bagua chuan, and all sacred dance. Moving meditation as a body-centered path of unfolding Nature’s inner patterns.3. Dao philosophy – I Ching sciences: cosmology, astrology, numerology, physiognomy (face reading), palmisty, divination, and the application of these principles to any natural science.4. Healing/medical arts: acupuncture, tuiina, deep organ massage, moxa.5. Sexology: fangzhi (bedroom arts), medical and spiritual.6. Feng shui: living (homes, offices)...

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