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Vegan matcha potsticker by foodpassionica {IG}

Vegan matcha potsticker by foodpassionica {IG}


Potsticker dough:⁣
4 inches in diameter ⁣
Make 25 pieces ⁣
250gm all purpose flour⁣
2 tbsp matcha powder ⁣
160ml boiling waters⁣
1 tbsp oil ⁣
Pinch of salt⁣

Add the flour, matcha powder and salt into a big bowl for easy kneading. Pour the boiling water+1 tbsp oil little at a time. it’s all depending on the quality of the flour, some may need 160ml of water and some may need less than 160ml to have perfectly knead dough. But remember not to knead immediately by hand as the water are very hot, use any utensils to mix it first once it cool off a bit then only you may knead with hand. Cover and let it sit for 10 minutes before rolling. Flour your workspace with cornstarch and roll out your dough into the round shape. Sprinkle your gyoza wrappers with more cornstarch before stacking them. Trust me, the wrappers love to stick together, so don’t be sparing with the cornstarch.⁣

Pan fried veggies:⁣
3 clove garlic minced ⁣
1 small onion diced ⁣
1 napa cabbage ⁣
1 carrot ⁣
1 can mushrooms⁣
1 handful green onions⁣

Sauce mixture:⁣

3 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp white pepper,2 tbsp rice wine and salt for seasoning. Clean and finely chopped all the veggies. Next heat oil in a pan, then add in garlic and onion sauté till fragrant. Follow by adding in the chopped veggies and sauce mixture, cook and stir the veggies till tender about 4 to 5 minutes. Finally remove from the heat and let it cool completely before use.⁣
Heat the oil in a frying pan follow by placing the dumplings on the pan and fry with a very low heat till the bottom get golden brown. Next add in 2 tbsp water and cover with lid. Let it cooked for another 4 minutes. Lastly remove from the heat and serve hot.⁣

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